This is a guide describing the best way to get Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves. First of all, you MUST choose which company’s you will be picking for these. You need to get to level 50 for three of the four available company’s.

These company’s include, The Gold Hoarders, The Order Of Souls, The Merchant Alliance, and The Reaper’s Bones. I recommend Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant Alliance. Though, you can exchange one of these for the Reaper’s Bones if you would like. I also highly recommend that you get the emissary license for these company’s as they will give you benefits for selling and boosting your grade in every server.

The Gold Hoarders.

The Gold Hoarder’s will be the fastest to do so i recommend doing this one first to get it out of the way. When you start out and are a low level gold hoarder, I would recommend island hopping (going from large island to large island and collecting loot) instead of the starting gold hoarder quests, as these are not worth your time.

Once you are a higher level and can get better quests, Such as the vault quests, do these back to back until you reach grade 5.

Once you get grade 5 on your emissary, you may sell, make sure to sell to the sovereign on each outpost for faster selling times. After selling, you can go to the gold hoarder and get a high valued grade 5 emissary quest. Make sure you do this quest as it will give you a lot of good loot. Do these many times, until you reach level 50.

You may also want to do certain world events as these can give highly valued gold hoarder chests such as the Skeleton’s Captain Chest, Or the chest of ancient tributes.

Sea Of Thieves

Order Of Souls.

The Order Of Souls can be a bit tricky at times if you are not good at PvE, i would recommend watching PvE tutorials on YouTube if you are having troubles. For The Order Of Souls, to start you should do some island hopping and find Skeleton Captains on the beaches of islands. Once you reach a higher grade and start getting many Skeleton Bounty’s per each Skeleton Bounty quest, do these.

These bountys will give many valuable Skulls. The Skeleton Fleets, and Skeleton fort world events are also highly Valuable. Do these many times until you are level 50 in the Order Of Souls.

The Merchant Alliance.

The Merchant Alliance can be VERY boring at times, and if you do not want to be constantly bored I would recommend doing The Reaper’s Bones instead of this. To do merchant, you will need to purchase the Emissary license from the merchant. This is necessary to do the merchant as fast as possible.

You will need to purchase crates from the merchant on each outpost, (e.g. Crate Of Broken Stone) Purchase as many of these as possible and sell them to a merchant on a different outpost. Next to the merchant there is a book that tells you what outposts have a higher selling point than the others for certain crates. Watch the video on the right for more info.

The Reaper’s Bones.

The Reaper’s Bones could be the hardest emissary to do if you are not good at PvP, so i hope you have 1-2 more players willing to do this one with you if you choose to do it. There are two ways I would do Reaper’s Bones for Pirate Legend, One is to do World Events, The Other is to do PvP.

The reaper emissary makes you a lot of experience and money, so you should buy and raise one. But keep in mind that you are always visible on the map to enemy ships while the flag is raised.

The Reaper’s Bones World Events.

To do The Reaper’s bones using world events there are specific world events that you should look for, These include, Skeleton Fleet, Skeleton Forts, Fort Of Fortune, and Ashen Winds.

There are tutorials online on how to complete these and what they look like. World events are a very good way to make money and experience, But they are always visible to everyone on the map, so make sure you watch the horizon for ships.

Sea Of Thieves

The Reaper’s Bones PvP.

The Reapers Bones PvP is a fair bit harder than World Events. But it will make you a better pirate and make you more used to the PvP once you are a Pirate Legend. For PvP you must find ships, there are a few ways to do so.

First is to sail around and watch the horizon, this can work but it can take a long time.

Second is to check world events, Many people will be doing these especially Fort Of Fortunes, And Ashen Winds this is also a really good way to obtain loot as they will likely be on a island and not expecting you.

Third is to reach grade 5 emissary under the reapers bones, doing so will show other ships that are flying emissary flags on the map as a dark shadow ship silhouette.


Here are some things to keep in mind while playing this game.

There are almost always other ships in your server, and it is likely that at least one of them is looking for other players to fight.

-Reaper ships are always visible on the map so keep an eye on it.

-Do not run from PvP, it is frowned upon in this game, and PvP is always a good way to get better.

-Make sure to fly the respective emissary flag before you leave the outpost.

-Never sell before getting grade 5 unless you have to get off or if you feel unsafe about the server you are in.

Don’t get discouraged!

Remember, this is a game about pirates, people will sink you, and kill you. But you need to not give up as these are just minor set backs. If you get angry about losing loot, I wouldn’t recommend keeping a lot of loot on your ship.


You are now on the road to becoming a Pirate Legend! I hope this guide was helpful, you can ask in the comment if you have any questions, or message me on steam. Anyway, I hope to see you all on the waters! Safe sailing!

This Sea Of Thieves guide was originally published by Vivamus. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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