This Tool Upgrade guide is for the Disney Dreamlight Valley, now available in Early Access. It explains how you can unlock upgrades for your tools in the game.

Tool Upgrades

Royal Tools in Dreamlight Valley are an essential way of progressing through the game, whether it be for gathering resources for questing and crafting, or cleaning up your Valley and removing a pesky obstacle at a bridge!

There are several steps to take when it comes to upgrading your Royal Tools and different Characters in the Valley are here to help you with those upgrades! This guide is here to help break it all down for you, simply and without hassle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tool Upgrade Guide

Watering Can

This is one of the first tools you find in the Valley and used for Gardening, but is also used to remove those mystical mushrooms found in the Peaceful Meadow and also blocking a path in the Glade of Trust.

You will want to progress through Merlin’s Friendship Quests in order to upgrade your Watering Can. There are about two different times that Merlin will have you test his magic on the Watering Can before you are able to have it upgraded. The first time testing the magic on a small patch of mushrooms and then progressing further into the quests, you will test the magic again on a large patch of Mushrooms. Once you have completed the quest, “The Final Trial”, this is when your Royal Tool will be full upgraded and able to remove all mushrooms. You will also be rewarded with a Wizard Hat


Ever seen the Hole Movie? Yeah, think that times 10. You will be digging a lot in the Valley, whether it’s digging for Soil or Clay, or digging up Night Shards. One important thing though with the Shovel is that it helps remove the Tree Stumps in the Valley and what is even better is that these Tree Stumps produce a LOT of Hardwood.

Tree Stumps

In order to upgrade your Shovel to remove the Tree Stumps, you will need to make sure Anna has been invited to your Valley. This can be accomplished by heading to the Dream Castle and going to the Frozen Realm (second floor).

This is actually one of the easiest and quickest upgrades to a Royal Tool. Pretty much, Welcome Anna to your Valley and begin her Friendship Quests. Within a few quests, she will help you upgrade your Shovel to remove all Tree Stumps.


One of the best Royal Tools for making a lot of money, simply by smacking rocks and mining for Gems! However, another important use the Pickaxe has is removing Ice Chunks in Forest of Valor and Frosted Heights and Coral at Dazzle Beach!

Ice Chunks

In order to upgrade your Pickaxe to remove the Ice Chunks, you will need to make sure Elsa have been invited to your Valley. This can be accomplished by heading to the Dream Castle and going to the Frozen Realm (second floor). Once you Welcome Elsa into your Valley, you will want to begin her Friendship Quests, which will bring you to an Ice Cavern in Forest of Valor.**

Upon completing these Friendship Quests, you will first be able to remove the smaller Ice Chunks and the further you progress through Elsa’s quest-lines, you will then be able to remove the much larger Ice Chunks after a quest, “Breaking the Ice”.

**There has been reports of Elsa trapping herself in the Ice Cavern before we are even able to clear a path for her. A few tricks is to reload your game and/or go back to the Frozen Realm and return to your Valley as sometimes this will refresh where characters are. If this method does not work, unfortunately you will have to wait until she decides to come out of the Cave. Hopefully a hotfix in the future!


In order to upgrade your Pickaxe to remove the Coral at Dazzle Beach, you will need to make sure Maui have been invited to your Valley. This can be accomplished by heading to the Dream Castle and going to the Moana Realm. Maui will upgrade your Pickaxe for the first time, allowing it to destroy the small coral that surround Moana’s canoe. This upgrade will then be available upon returning back to your Valley. The upgrade the Pickaxe for the second time, you will need to make sure Maui has been invited to your Valley and you complete his first few Friendship Quests and raise the Friendship Level to 4, you will then have a quest called “A Tale of Stone and Fire” which once completed, your Pickaxe will be completely upgraded to clear the Dazzle Beach bridge.

Fishing Rod

At this time, we have not found that the Fishing Rod has any sort of Upgrade to in the current state of the game.

Edit: I can confirm Anglerfish and Lancetfish can be caught via fishing even without any kind of upgrade to your fishing rod.

Character Unlockables

Unlocks and opens up the Chez Remy Restaurant in the Valley.
– Progress through Remy’s Friendship Quests to unlock new recipes!

Unlocks the ability to fix the broken down Garden in Peaceful Meadow.

Unlocks a stall where you can buy Wood, Stone, etc.
– Complete Friendship Quests.

Unlocks the ability to fix the broken boat in the upper section of Dazzle Beach.
– Moana will periodically go out to sea and catch fish for you! Visit the Fishing Boat often to claim what’s been caught!

Which Character(s) Unlock Who?
• Kristoff unlocks Donald Duck through the Dark Grove Quests in the Forest of Valor.
• Goofy unlocks Ariel by repairing the broken Boat in Dazzle Beach near Goofy’s Stall.
• Mickey unlocks Minnie through a few friendship quests done with Mickey.
• Ursula unlocked Prince Eric once you reach Friendship Level 10.

All credits for this guide goes to Katrin!

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