A simple guide on how to keep a clean and fun mindset while playing Gundam Evolution. This beginner’s guide and various tips and tricks will help you have the best time in the game.

In this quick guide I’ll be walking you though how to enjoy Gundam Evolution to the fullest.


In preparation for Gundam Evolution remember that it is always best to keep yourself healthy by drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious food before the play session! This allows for you to feel content with your physical well being and allows for a clear and happy mindset going into your matches of Gundam Evolution!

Gundam Evolution


Make sure you’re comfy and cozy! You can’t well enjoy a fast paced and sometimes, hectic game when you’re not at peak relaxation! Make sure that you find a space that is comfortable for you to game in for a long period of time without causing discomfort! Happiness starts with relaxation and comforting environments!


Don’t forget to ask some close friends if they would like to join you! Wins and losses are always more fun with those you value experiencing them with you. Since the game is free there’s always room for them to try it out and see if they would like to play it more often with you! If you don’t have any friends to play with, search out some friendly fellow Gundam Evolution fans to help you enhance your gaming experience!


Enjoy and play Gundam Evolution in any way you want or feel comfortable with! Remember that Gundam Evolution is just a game, and games are mean’t to be played for the user’s entertainment! Don’t let those sweaty try-hards tell you to stop going a “low tier” unit! If you want to play casually then do so! However, if you want to give it your all and duke it out on the battlefield then sweat your ass off and try harder than you’ve ever tried before!

Gundam Evolution


Remember that with any sort of play-style, with any sort of communication, and just in general, stay positive and encouraging to others! Toxicity is not cool, and is often a sign of a lack of respect for others and yourself. Make sure to act maturely and enjoy Gundam Evolution together as a unified community!


Make sure to take breaks often and even get up off your feet and get your blood pumping here and there to keep your mind calm and relaxed while playing. if you ever feel enraged or too upset make sure to take a deep breath and maybe try playing a different game for a bit while you let your nerves cool.


As this is a GUNDAM FPS I encourage all to grab their favorite Gundam Mech, Gunpla set, or anything else Gundam related and HAVE A BLAST!!!

This Gundam Evolution guide was originally published by InnerJetstream. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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