This guide is for people who have a great connection and who are located near the servers but still have a really high ping for no reason. If your internet is slow or you’re usually far from servers and experience lag regularly, this guide is not for you.

How to Fix High Ping Lag in Isonzo

I live in Australia, very close to Melbourne. When I connect to any of the WW1 AU servers I experience around 300-450 ping due to my ISP routing me to Singapore and back for no good reason. These are the only games that have this issue. Any other game, COD, Siege, Battlefield, Fortnite, Apex etc., have a normal ping, usually around 15-22.

If this sounds like you it’s because your ISP is routing your data through an out of region server and sending it back to where your local servers are, which is why you have ping in the hundreds. Instead of going from your PC to the server, it’s making a round trip probably halfway around the world and then back to the games servers.

Isonzo: High Ping Lag Fix

After trying alot of stuff, I tried a VPN tonight after another Isonzo player said it fixed their ping… well it fixed mine too, mostly. I am now able to play at a good 51 ping stable, no lag at all… only problem now is if I ever want to play Isonzo I have to have a paid sub to a VPN.

So this is really just a temporary work around for a long term issue.

VPN Free Trial

If you download NordVPN on your android phone you get a free 7 day trial.

Just create an account, sign up, start the trial and then log on to NordVPN website and download the desktop version. Login and it will work.


Using a VPN

Once you have the desktop version installed, login, follow the setup security guide and then you’re ready to pick where your server is. For me I picked Melbourne because that’s where the Isonzo servers are. So let it all connect and then check in game.

If you are having the same issue as I was, your ping should go from the hundreds down to around 20-60 ping.

This Isonzo guide was originally published by DatCrazyNerf. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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