Even if you’re familiar with rhythm games or very comfortable with shooters, Metal: Hellsinger has some unique level designs that can be a little frustrating for the first playthrough on the higher difficulties because of cliffs, bad spawnpoints or fat fingers.

It is recommended to play through the game on the “baby difficulty level in order to get yourself into the game, the levels and especially the weapons – also because of the unlockable goodies to get better scoring.

All Weapons

Here are all the weapons in the game:

TERMINUS (sword)

“The Unknown’s Blade”

Unlocked in: Always available
Range: Short
Ammo: None

Description: Terminus is Unknown’s sword. It attacks through slices in time to the music and deals an additional burst of damage with an overhead slam if you sync together three slices in a row. It has more range than you might expect, and excels at knocking weaker enemies into a Slaughter state if you need healing

Ultimate: fires a rapid series of slashes in a straight line in front of you.


PAZ (lightningbolt-skull & the narrator of the game)

“The Pulse of the Universe”

Unlocked in: Tutorial
Range: Short to medium
Ammo: Infinite

Description: Paz is the basic ranged weapon you’ll start the game with. It shoots an unlimited supply of fireballs which can sustain Fury even while outside of combat. Hold down attack to charge a special shot which can Crystallize enemies.

Ultimate: summons a bolt of light that spreads to nearby enemies.


Metal: Hellsinger

PERSEPHONE (shotgun)

“Queen Death”

Unlocked in: Voke
Range: Short to medium
Ammo: 8

Description: A pump-action shotgun that’s perfect for killing demons up close. Persephone unleashes steady blasts that deal high damage up close and rapidly charge its Ultimate attack. When fired in time to the beat, Persephone’s shots can pierce enemies to hit multiple foes at once.

Ultimate: fires off a massive burst of bullets, dealing heavy damage to anything in its path.


THE HOUNDS (dual pistols)

“Orthrus & Cerberus”

Unlocked in: Stygia
Range: Medium to long
Ammo: 12

Description: Twin pistols capable of firing regular, precise, high-damage shots at longer ranges. Damage falls off at very long ranges. Aim for the head for an extra boost.

Ultimate: create a clone of you that fires a volley of bullets over a period of time.


VULCAN (arbalest)


Unlocked in: Yhelm
Range: Medium
Ammo: 2

Description: A crossbow which fires explosive bolts that deal area-of-effect damage upon impact. Ideal for crowd control and taking down mobs of weaker enemies but comes at the cost of frequent reloads.

Ultimate: creates a gravity well that temporarily traps enemies in its orbit.


HELLCROW (two throwing scythes)

“The Traitor Sovereign”

Unlocked in: Incaustis
Range: Medium
Ammo: None

Description: Twin hooked blades which are thrown and return boomerang-style, damaging anything caught in their path. The most unusual weapon of them all, the Hellcrow takes a good deal of time to adapt to. There’s no reloading, but each hand’s blade can’t be thrown again until it returns.

Ultimate: creates a storm of crows around you, dealing massive damage to anything that comes near you.

Each weapon has its own ultimate meter that fills up over time. It’s best to stockpile the Ultimate charge ON EACH WEAPON for use on difficult rooms or the boss of the level. Get into switching weapons in combat to get the most potential out of the ragemeters.

Make Use of Dashes & Leaps

While Dash is good for escaping blockages and dodging attacks, Dash and Leap can be combined to propel yourself through the air. This allows you to move faster and easily soar above environmental hazards. Dash to the beat also keeps up the rage meter.
You should also reload in time by hitting on rhytm. While it doesn’t affect your anger, it does let you complete the process faster. You can also dash 3 times to get into Combo for better scoring.

This Metal: Hellsinger guide was originally published by Shiikarii. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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