This is a detailed guide on Omega Strikers character trainings, written and published by squako, which you will find very helpful when working upwards with your characters. This training guide for every character has been compiled with guidance from Gunner62 and other high elo pre-alpha players.


Omega Strikers: Top Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

HASTE: Move Speed increase

CREATIONS: Anything that a character creates i.e juno slimes, atlas expanse, etc.

STAGGER: Basically your health bar. Once it is filled/broken, you take increased knockback

LIGHT HIT: Only slows targets on hit, does not knockback unless target is staggered

MEDIUM HIT: Knocks back the target

HEAVY HIT: Knocks back the target and applies a short slow after the hit.


Omega Strikers: Atlas Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Atlas is primarily played as a goalie. Keep in mind your ultimate is mainly used to resurrect allies, so try to cast it right before they die. Your expanse also has quite the cast time, so its best to cast it sooner rather than later

Meta Goalie: Built DifferentCrossoverCreator of Durable Things

If you find that you need to resurrect more often, you can run this alternative rune page.

This can be good against highly kill focused comps.

Alternative Goalie: Built DifferentCrossoverExtra Special


Omega Strikers: Drekar Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Drek is generally played as a kill focused forward, there is only 1 generally accepted page. When you are learning Drek, focus on hitting the sweet spot of your shotgun to facilitate killing people. Focus on fighting for orbs to gain experience and hit your LVL 10 power spike with prime time.

Meta Forward: Prime TimeHeavy HandedCast To Last

Goalie is very very infrequently played, but if you want to have some fun with it you can run this

Goalie: Eject ButtonPrime TimeCast to Last


Omega Strikers: Dabu Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Dubu is generally played as a goalie. Keep in mind that slam actually STUNS the core, so people can’t actually hit the ball for about a half second after the slam hits so it is very good against people trying to stuff into the goal.

Meta Goalie: Built DifferentMissile PropulsionCreator of Large Things

Although Dubu is typically incredibly hard to kill in net, if you find you need a bit more survivability, taking well fed over Creator of Large Things will give you a slight bit of knockback resistance at 5 orbs

Alt Goalie: Built DifferentMissile PropulsionWell Fed

If you want to play Dubu Forward, you can take this rune page

Forward: Built DifferentCreator of Large Things, +1 (Generally Crossover, but have fun)


Omega Strikers: Era Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Era is played as a supportive forward, generally paired with a brawler like X, Drek’ar, and Juliette. Era swarm is nice to be used for both securing orbs and for pressure on the enemy goalie to score. Shrink ray is generally used to shrink/slow enemies or buff your brawler. Keep in mind shrink ray can be used to score in a pinch.

This rune page is the generally accepted rune page, but I personally prefer the alt page for faster cooldowns over the super surge buff on the speed boost.

Meta Forward: CrossoverCast to LastSuper Surge
Alt Forward: CrossoverCast to LastPerfect Form

Prime time can be decent if you want to play more for the late game

Alt: CrossoverSuper SurgePrime Time
Alt: Prime TimeCast to LastCrossover


Omega Strikers: Estelle Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Estelle is generally played as a forward. Basically anything in the orange page is good, so Estelle trainings are generally personal preference. If you take prime time, you should focus on hitting level 10 by contesting orbs. The ultimate is a great scoring tool

Meta Forward: Missile PropulsionRapid FirePrimetime
Alt: Missile PropUltrascopeRapid Fire
Alt: You can honestly pick anything in Orange and Red trees and it will work. You can also consider Super Surge and Crossover in green tree

Estelle goalie can also work, but it takes precise use of Estelle’s snipe and teleport to keep the ball away from the net. Keep in mind you can strike very quickly after a teleport, so you can teleport on top of the ball and instantly strike to redirect the ball.

Meta Goalie: Missile PropulsionRapid FirePrime Time


Omega Strikers: Juliete Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Juliette has very flexible trainings so pick what you feel most comfortable with. The main juliette combo is dash + punch while u are dashing so they get hit by both. This makes it very very easy to kill people near the edge of the map. You can also use the flurry after the dash punch to guarantee the kill, or use flurry into dash punch if you are confident that will kill.

The meta training page focuses on killing. I personally prefer heavy handed over built different to make it easier to dodge ability, but built different makes the combo much easier to hit. I recommend taking built different if you are newer.

Meta Forward: Perfect FormTempo SwingBuilt Different
Alt: Perfect FormTempo SwingHeavy Handed

If you want to focus on speed and scoring, and there is not much kill pressure from the enemy team this page can work

Alt: CrossoverStacks on StacksUnstoppable

Another alternative is if you like the base training page but feel slow, you can run crossover to make it easier to maintain ball control and score

Alt: CrossoverTempo SwingPerfect Form


Omega Strikers: Juno Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Juno is generally played as a forward, with a focus on scoring / controlling the ball. Her slime throw can be surprisingly good at getting KOs against staggered targets though.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you press your strike, you can control where your slimes will hit the ball.

Also keep in mind your jump makes you invulnerable, and you can strike during the jump. The ultimate also spawns a slime for each target in the ultimate, including the core.

Meta Forward: Rapid FireCreator of Durable ThingsCrossover

If you prefer having your ultimate up faster rather than more movespeed, you can take this page

Alt: Rapid FireCreator of Durable ThingsExtra Special
Alt: Rapid FireCreator of Durable Things, +1


Omega Strikers: Kai Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Kai is generally played as a goalie, but he can work as a great scoring forward against the weaker ranged goalies.

Kai goalie has really flexible training pages, so find one that works for you!

Goalie: CrossoverMissile PropulsionBuilt Different
Alt: CrossoverMissile Propulsion, +1 (Stacks on StacksEject ButtonUltrascopePerfect FormRapid FireSuper Surge)

Just like goalie, Kai forward is incredibly flexible. I like this trainings page if you don’t feel like you can die to enemy forwards.

Forward: CrossoverStacks on StacksRapid Fire
Alt: Crossover, +2


Omega Strikers: Luna Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

Luna can be played as both a forward and a goalie. She is highly kill focused but she can also score incredibly well with well placed juggernauts (the dash). Keep in mind you can strike during the dash allowing you to redirect the ball. You can even do things like hitting the goalie with juggernaut while hitting the ball elsewhere into the goal

Goalie: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Eject Button

For Luna forward, eject button is not as necessary, many people like running stacks on stacks if they feel like they can’t die against the enemy forward.

Forward: Heavy HandedUltrascopeExtra Special
Alt: Heavy HandedUltrascopeStacks on Stacks
Alt: Heavy HandedUltrascope, +1 (Eject ButtonPrimetime)


Omega Strikers: X Character Trainings
Image Credits: Omega Strikers

X is mainly a kill focused forward. He is quite simple to play and recommended for newer players if you like his playstyle.

For X forward, legitimately any red trainings will work but this can be a basic one to get you started

Forward: Heavy HandedTempo SwingBuilt Different

Alt: Any 3 Red Trainings
Alt: Crossover + 2 Red Trainings
Alt: Built Different + 2 Red Trainings

This Omega Strikers guide was originally published by squako. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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