This is a complete Return to Monkey Island achievements guide so you know how and where to complete them. This guide is full of spoilers, so you are already warned. If you haven’t played the game yet, it might tell you parts about the story or solutions to some puzzles.

Since we’re all playing the game right now, it’s still incomplete. But we’ll get there eventually. There are a total of 39 achievements in the game.

Return to Monkey Island Achievements

Return to Monkey Island
Return to Monkey Island: Achievements Guide (Work In Progress) 3

You can read through about each of the achievements below:


Give back the Key to the restroom (the one with the wooden leg)

Lucky Duck

After you found the lucky clover, give it to the duck in the pond

Fan Service

In the bar talk to the guy in the back with the Loom badge. Keep asking until he says it.

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Mop Heist

When the cook is busy preparing the meal, grab the mob and try to leave the bar.

Hey Wait

Use the monocle from Wally to read the serial number from the lock in the jail. Then get a key and free him.

Cartography Nerd

Talk with Wally about all the maps and items in his shops. Also the globe and his cartography tools plus the medal on top of the door

Super Swabbie

On the ship in the very first room mop the fat. Your “boss” will spill it again. Keep mobbing it 20 times until the achievement appears.

Neat Freak

Document 8 messes. Remember, you can only put 5 on the list, so save before doing it, so you can resume: (only found 6/8 so far)

  • Potion remains on deck
  • Kitchen, whole
  • Rat
  • 1st Scrubbie underwater
  • Grease on the bullseye
  • Empty potion ingredient boxes

Tight Ship

Before repairing the ship to sail with Elaine, go pick up the skulls from the theme song

Patient Citizen

Back on Melee Island go to the Governor’s house. There will be citizens waiting. Stand in line and wait for 3 minutes!

Hot Headed (hidden)

After the chef made the Scorched Alaska, eat it. You have to click a few times to make Guybrush do it!

Dead Dead Dead (hidden)

After being thrown from ship and underwater just switch between 2 screens until you die 3 times

This Return to Monkey Island guide was originally published by Knight Nevermore. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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