This is a guide on how to efficiently farm C4 gear in Trove delves. The guide has been divided into two parts – the gear you need and the actual method on how to farm.

Part One: Gear

Before you start farming c4 gear, I highly recommend you have a full set of crystal gems with good stats, including a high light stat. if you need help getting higher light, remember that geode mastery alongside any cosmic gems and crystal gear grant you lots of light!

Basically, the higher damage the better, as the goal is to clear delves as fast as possible.

Part Two: Method

To do this farm, you need a group of up to 8 people.
If you have trouble finding a group, try joining a popular club!

Once you have your group, load into a delve at depth 115+.

After you load into this delve, head over to Steam>Library>Trove, and click on the gear on the top right.

After this go to manage>uninstall. Click that, and feel the weight come off your shoulders since you never have to log on again.

This Trove guide was originally published by Scarlet. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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