To farm gold, you need eggs. To farm eggs, you need gold. The solution: Queen Sigma. Easily make over a million gold a run with minimal effort using this method.

Queen Sigma Easy “Eggless” Endgame Gold Farm


Quick Disclaimer: This is not the “best” endgame gold farming method. This won’t net you 5 million gold a run or anything ridiculous like that. However, most of the “best” endgame gold farming methods require a character with lots of golden eggs, and in order to get those eggs, you need… yep, you guessed it: gold.

So what’s the solution? Queen Sigma. A unique character with very high base stats, infinitely scaling damage and growth, a very powerful weapon, up to 5 arcana cards, and a unique downside: she can’t get any golden eggs at all.

Like the alchemists of old, Queen Sigma will allow you to transmute your base FPS into gold! Seriously, it will get very laggy, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Now, first things first, you have to have queen sigma unlocked for this to work, obviously. Unlocking her requires you to have unlocked everything else first, so this is very much a late game gold farming method. A cheat code “spell” exists to unlock her early, but you wouldn’t want to skip the whole game all at once, would you?

This guide assumes that you have unlocked her legitimately, and therefore have all items at your disposal (options, arcana cards, etc.).

Vampire Survivors

Pre-Game Setup

First things first, start by limiting Sigma’s active weapons to 1. More weapons can be used, but in my opinion they aren’t necessary. Her starting weapon is enough.

Next, ensure you have Hyper mode, Arcanas, and Limit Break enabled, and Hurry mode disabled, before selecting a map.

This farming method is very versatile and can be performed on any map, which is nice if you want a change of scenery (not that you’ll be seeing much of anything, we’ll get to that later.).

That said, I personally recommend The Bone Zone for its high enemy density and easy access to gold bags to trigger gold rush when using Disco of Gold. Other good maps include Gallo Tower and Inlaid Library.

Early Game

Upon starting a game Sigma will immediately be prompted to pick an Arcana. For this first arcana, pick Wicked Season (XIII). This Arcana gives more growth, luck, greed, and curse every other level, so we want to start stacking it as soon as possible. Also, its double-stat gimmick always starts on growth the moment it is selected. This will allow Sigma to get some very fast early levels and immediately unlock her next two Arcanas, at levels 2 and 3.

For these arcanas, we want to take Boogaloo of Illusions (XVIII) at level 2, and Disco of Gold (XV) at level 3. Boogaloo is another stacking Arcana, in this case granting +1 area per level, and again we want to begin gaining stacks asap, as they will be very important later. Disco of Gold is going to be our main money maker. Once you have aquired it, you should immediately begin seeking out a coin bag to trigger gold fever, and keep gold fever going for as long as possible from then on.

Breaking lights to get coin bags can be difficult in the very early game, as Sigma’s Victory Sword has an initially small range and automatically targets nearby enemies making hitting a specific light difficult. The solution? Stand on a light and let an enemy hit you. This will trigger a retaliatory attack from the sword, breaking the light. In fact, even if there are no lights near by, smashing your face into enemies is a good early game strategy as Sigma. She has very high armor and health regen, meaning triggering these retaliatory strikes repeatedly is a good way of boosting her damage output early game.

Sigma will gain her next arcana at level 77, and our main focus now should be getting her there, because that’s when this farming method really starts to excel. The best way to do this is to intentionally avoid as much xp as you can until Wicked Season’s stat boost cycles back around to growth, then grabbing as much xp as you can during those 10 seconds. Especially try to let xp gems condense down into red ones for easier collection during this time.

Now, as for items, you’ll want the following preferably in this order – remember that Sigma has 108 rerolls so there’s effectively no risk of not getting whatever item you want when you want it, if you don’t get it, just reroll.

  1. Crown – although Sigma has effectively infinite growth, we still want this to help her with hitting level 77 asap.
  2. Torrona’s Box – generally good, gives 100% curse which we want, and is the item needed to evolve Sigma’s victory sword. Remember that both the sword and the box must be at their maximum level in order to get the evolution.
  3. Empty Tome – faster attacks = more money = good. Sigma can hit -70% cd with this plus her base cd bonuses, which is more than enough.
  4. Stone Mask – We are gold farming, so of course we want this.
  5. Skull O’Maniac – We will have plenty of curse even without this, but more always helps, especially early game before Wicked Season has had a chance to get a lot of stacks and we might not have a fully evolved Torrona’s Box yet.
  6. Your choice – Either Spinach, Candelabrador, or Duplicator are all valid picks here. Spinach is arguably the best choice, as it will remain useful for the entirety of the game. Candelabrador helps early game, but we will eventually have more than enough range thanks to Boogaloo, meaning late game it won’t be that useful. Finally Duplicator increases the power of Victory Sword significantly early game, but will not affect either its evolution or any of our other damage sources, meaning its overall impact, while appreciable, is still pretty minor.

Once we hit level 77, we pick our 4th Arcana and the “late game” phase of our farming routine kicks in.

Late Game

Once you hit level 77, Sigma will be prompted to choose a 4th Arcana. For this, we want to chose Sarabande of Healing (VI). This Arcana releases a damaging pulse every time we receive healing. Because Disco of Gold heals us when we collect money, this will start a chain reaction where killing enemies drops gold, which heals us, which kills more enemies, and so on. While this healing pulse initially has limited range, it is affected by area, which is partly why we took Boogaloo earlier. Eventually, this pulse will reach well beyond the range of the screen, hitting enemies the moment they spawn and killing them quickly.

From now on, your main priorities are to continue gaining levels, and to keep gold rush going for as long as possible. Thanks to the fact that we are gaining luck from Wicked Season, gold bags should drop pretty frequently, making maintaining a gold rush relatively easy. If you are playing on a map that isn’t Bone Zone, be wary of collecting Orologions (Stopwatches) as having enemies frozen will greatly lower your kill speed and potentially end your gold rush.

Also keep in mind that you have probably maxed out all your items and are earning limit break levels at this point. Feel free to select “Random Always” in the limit break selection. This choice doesn’t matter too much, we’ll have plenty of power by the end of the run anyway, and it will save us a lot of time.

At level 108 you will be prompted to choose your 5th and final Arcana. This one is not as important as the first 4. My personal preference is Mad Groove (VIII), because it makes collecting coin bags and xp much easier, which makes it easier to maintain gold rushes and to get a lot of levels when Wicked Season is in its double growth phase. It also allows you to easily aquire both rings and metaglios, though remember that killing their guardians is pointless since Sigma can’t gain eggs.

If for some reason you don’t want to pick Mad Groove, Silent Old Sanctuary (XX) is a good second choice. Because we have only 1 weapon, it will provide us with a lot of extra might and cooldown. In fact, it may actually bring cooldown to below -100%, although this doesn’t do anything practical.

At this point you may notice your game slowing to a crawl – don’t worry, this is normal. It’s a small price to pay all the gold we’re making. If watching a really noisy, seizure inducing slideshow isn’t your thing, feel free to tab out and only tab back in every 2 minutes when Mad Groove triggers to collect xp and gold. You’ll know when it happens because the distinctive “dun-dun-dun!” sound will play.

If all goes well, you should be around level 1000 and have between 1.3-1.5 million gold by the 30 minute mark. At this point, you may find that sigma is so powerful that the reapers have difficulty killing her. She can easily last upwards of 2 minutes before the reapers stop spazzing out and actually manage to reach her. While this is amusing, it’s not very helpful, so feel free to just exit the run at this point, since she doesn’t gain anything from killing the reapers anyway.


After a successful run, your end game screen should look something like this:

Vampire Survivors - Queen Sigma Easy “Eggless” Endgame Gold Farm
Queen Sigma Easy “Eggless” Endgame Gold Farm

As a bonus, if you hadn’t yet completed the achievement to kill 100,000 enemies as sigma, you sure as hell have now.

Feel free to rinse and repeat as many times as desired, spending the gold on eggs for other characters. I recommend Trouser, as he’s technically the “best” gold farming character, even better than Sigma, but only once he has a lot of eggs on him.

Happy farming!

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