The “Go Big Or Go Home” achievement in American Truck Simulator is about running a “Special Transport” load from several origin cities. These are my notes needed to clarify some of the confusion around attempting to complete this achievement.

“Go Big Or Go Home” Achievement Guide

The “Go Big Or Go Home” is about running a “Special Transport” load from several origin cities. You will have an in-game email that lists the cities where you get loads from. If you do not have any DLCs, you will get a list of about 19 for the base game. If you have additional DLC, then you will also need to take loads from the new added cities. The email in-game should show you these as additional routes.

Yes, this gets harder as time goes on. But, once you have the achievement it stays yours – future DLCs will not remove your achievement. If you do this before buying DLC, then its only the base game loads. If you do it today (v1.45) with all content then its 41 loads.

American Truck Simulator: "Go Big Or Go Home" Achievement Guide

Each city usually has two different loads to choose from with the same destination. You do not have to run both loads listed in the job board, just one from each of these cities. There are two exceptions where there are multiple destinations.

  1. Denver has two routes destinations. One to each of the destinations listed is needed.
  2. The load for the city San Francisco listed in the email is one of the Oakland routes, so you need to run both Oakland routes.

The game does not track this achievement in any UI or on Steam. You have to keep track of this yourself. The only way to see what you have so far is to decrypt a save file and pour through the thousands of lines of data. Not recommended.

The list below may provide a handy checklist for this purpose and is certainly easier. I did mine by state which gave me a sense of ongoing accomplishment as I churn through this grind.

The Origin Routes by State and City


  • Kingman to Flagstaff
  • Phoenix to Sierra Vista
  • Yuma to Tucson


  • Eureka to Redding
  • Fresno to Bakersfield
  • Oakland to Fresno
  • Oakland to Huron
  • Oxnard to Barstow
  • Truckee to Carson City
  • Sacramento to Oakdale
  • Santa Cruz to Santa Maria


  • Burlington to Lamar
  • Denver to Colorado Springs
  • Denver to Grand Junction
  • Sterling to Colorado Springs


  • Boise to Grangeville
  • Idaho Falls to Salmon [Challis]
  • Lewiston to Sandpoint
  • Twin Falls to Nampa


  • Artesia to Las Cruces
  • Clovis to Hobbs
  • Farmington to Raton
  • Gallup to Raton
  • Santa Fe to Socorro
  • Socorro to Tucson


  • Butte to Bozeman
  • Havre to Lewistown
  • Laurel to Glendive
  • Thompson Falls to Kalispell


  • Primm to Ely
  • Winnemucca to Carson City


  • Dalles to Salem
  • Pendleton to Burns
  • Portland to Newport


  • Provo to Price
  • Salina to Cedar City
  • Vernal to Salt Lake City


  • Omak to Yakima
  • Port Angeles to Aberdeen
  • Seattle to Everett
  • Spokane to Grand Coulee


  • Casper to Gillette
  • Cheyenne to Rock Springs
  • Laramie to Rawlins
  • Riverton to Jackson

Two for the price of one

American Truck Simulator: "Go Big Or Go Home" Achievement Guide

There are 11 types of loads as of 1.45 and it does not matter which ones you carry for this achievement. But – while you are at it – check off each load you have carried to insure you get all 11 for the “Big in America” achievement.


  • Service Boat
  • Giant Silo
  • Massive Tech Part
  • Large Reservoir Tank
  • Helicopter
  • Huge Construction
  • Haul Truck Hull
  • Haul Truck Chassis
  • Huge Tires (sic Tyres)
  • Air Conditioner
  • Turnkey House

This American Truck Simulator guide was originally published by StinkySQL. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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