Here is how to unlock the Starlight Strand island and Ember Valley in Slime Rancher 2.

When you first spawn in, onto your brand new Rainbow Island, Immediately go straight towards the Rainbow Fields.


Once you reach Rainbow fields, begin to collect veggies, fruits, and meat. You’ll need 30 of any food for the Pink Gordo, And 30 Carrots or 15 Water Lettuce for the Cotton Gordo.


Rainbow Island Maps

For the First map, Simply go underneath the Archway that has 2 stacked slimes next to it-


Continue to go straight and you should immediately spot the map, interact with it.


That will unlock half of Rainbow Island.
For the Second map, Located the triple slime stone statue with the Refinery Link next to it, if you look closely, you’ll see the map on the right of the picture on top of some grassy arches.


To the left of the Triple slime statue with the refinery, there will be a cave passageway, Go through it!


Once through, follow the sandy road until a ramp comes up on your right, go up the ramp and follow the arches to the map. It should be pretty easy to find it from there.


And there you have it, all of Rainbow Island mapped out for you!


Unlocking Ember Valley

Now that you have the map unveiled, Locate the Pink Gordo at this location on the map-


Feed him 30 different items until he pops! And once he finally does, it unveils a large Geyser.


stand in the middle of the geyser and fly up to the cliff to the left of it!

Waddle across the way on the cliff, to the pedestal, and interact with it.


And Boom! Ember Valley! Home to Various slimes, like the Angler & Puddle slimes, and Unique Materials, like Silky Sand, Primordy Oil & Radiant Ore you need to build the Jetpack!


Elsewhere, you’ll eventually stumble across an area with 3 geysers in the form of a triangle, this is where the 1st Ember Valley Map is, you’ll have to launch on a geyser to get to it.


And somewhere on the Ember Valley island, you’ll stumble across an explosive cave of bats!
But, Unfortunately, I got something even worse!


Cotton Gordo & Unlocking Starlight Strand

Now remember at the beginning of the Guide when I mentioned to grab some Veggies?!
I hope you did! you’ll need 30 carrots to pop the Gordo, or 15 Water Lettuce, it’s favorite food.
Go to this location in the Rainbow fields, following up a big ramp, you’ll find you’re buddy waiting.


Now just Feed him until he pops!


And voila, a Cave is revealed! Filled with hoppy friends, go down into the cave and interact with the pedestal that sits at the bottom. (I recommend doing it at night, it’s a lot prettier)


After interacting, you’ll get a bit of a lightshow to witness across the way, after it’s done, travel over to where it happened at, by going back through the cave passage at the Slime refinery statue that I showed earlier in the guide.


Starlight Strand

Entering the Teleporter, (The gorgeous pillar of light) you go through a loading screen and directly onto the wonderful wiggly island of Starlight Strand..


Now the 1st map, is actually behind the teleporter to Starlight Strand, you’d have to climb up, it’s all easier if you have the Jetpack, and find your way to the map across, refer to images.


And After a little bit of running around you will find where the 2nd map is.


This island is home to even more Varying types of Slimes, Rock, Honey, Hunter slimes & even more.

There are strange, interesting passageways to unlock all over the island with varying plorts-


There’s also unique resources all over that aren’t available on Rainbow Island-


And gordos in all the Cracks & Crevices, ready to lead you onto even more curiosity & adventure.

This Slime Rancher 2 guide was originally published by sulij. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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