This guide is a quick upgrade guide that provides the best bait and fishing spots for each map. Personal habits, the speed is set to 15% slow straight/30% straight.Because there is no teleportation in the real mode, the fishing point should be selected as close to the initial location as possible.

Fishing Tips

First of all, I will list some fishing tips, which will be often used in this game.

Tip 1 – When you see the fish start chasing your bait, you can pull the bait back to shore with full speed. The fish will follow you all the way, and you can easily catch it(Your lures must not be out of the water).This will reduce the time you spend pulling with the fish.

You can even use the starting gear. The video below demonstrates it.

Tip 2 – When you start to cast far away, after the lure enters the water, you can press the left CTRL and the left button to quickly rewind the line until the fishing line is straight, which can also save some time.

Tip 3 – If you see a fish out of the water breathing, then this fish will definitely come to bite the hook, unless the hook type does not match, then don’t press Q to close the lever. If you are an old player, you must have found it.

Tip 4 – You are closing the rod, and when the float is about to reach the water surface in front of you (before you press Q), you can stop for a while, and sometimes a fish will suddenly pop out to take a bite. The time is about 3S, and there is no fixed value.

Equipment upgrade route

This guide assumes you are a new player.

Now write down the level of equipment you need to update below. Make sure you have purchased the latest grade of fishing line and lead with each upgrade.

Lv9. Rods(Salt sniper salss611 mj1, $1550)

Lv14. Fishing set(spinning pro, $7165)

When you have this set, you can theoretically catch all the fish of the current version.

Lv20. Rods(powercatch 270, $2750)

Lv.23. Reels(bigspin 10000G, $15000)

Lv.27. Reels(bigspin 12000W, $19900)

Jackson National Park

Use your starting gear to level up to level 2, then buy basic k01 7g. This lure filters small fish, leaving high value fish behind. When you reach level 3, you can go to the next map.

fishing point: Northeast of the map, there is a bridge.


This map is the only one in the current version that uses float rods.

fishing point: The intersection of the Y-shaped river on the north side.The river is narrow and restricts the fish’s space, so if it swims too far on either side, you can follow.

hooks: 8#(Lv3),6#(Lv5),4#(Lv5+)

baits: earthworm(Lv3-5),corn(Lv6)

Notice: Many novices do not know how to float fishing, which will lead to frequent unhooking. The reason is that floating fishing is not like use lures. The fishing line is not tight. If you short-distance cast, you will find that the fishing line will be entangled on the water surface.

At this time, you need to close it for a while, or long-distance cast and pull back to where you want it. In addition, when the fish bites the hook, first click the LMB, and then immediately press the RMB and left CTRL to quickly rewind the line.


fishing point :stand in the water next to point 3,facing downstream(standing in the river in the middle of the map if you are real mode player)

lures: Robinson trophy 14g(★★★★★), Sakura gembug 30f(★★★★), sakura soukouss blade 45s (pink, ★★★★)

Robinson trophy 14g is the best in this map,high frequency of bites. Sakura gembug 30f bites big, but bites infrequently. sakura soukouss blade 45s are also good, but I haven’t used them much.

Kiel Canal

The new fishing spot is shown below.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 - Quick Upgrade - Kiel Canal
Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 - Quick Upgrade - Kiel Canal


This map isn’t as profitable as the Kiel Canal, where you’re here for the sole purpose of catching heavy beluga sturgeon.

Fishing point: point 1 (left of the map if you are real mode player),and go left until you see two hence.Then make sure you can standing in water and facing lotus on the right side of the big stone.

Lure: bainer 105s (★★★★) or dynastic 110F (blue color ★★★★★)

Weather: cloudy morning

A big reason for giving the latter five stars is because I’m in real mode and using it I can see fish bite. It works really well.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 - Quick Upgrade - Russia


fishing point: point 4(island in the middle)

lures:same as in kiel canal

With this map you can start experimenting with different baits, and there is a difference between the fish in and out of the bay.

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This Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 guide was originally published by 我还是充钱那个少年. All credits for the text and images goes to him!

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